Kids Birthday Parties, Let’s get over this

There are so many posts about kids birthday parties, whats one more. Before I had kids I judged everything about parenting. The parent that uses the kid leash, letting kids watch a video on your phone when out to dinner, etc, I get it. The one thing I don’t get, shaming parents about birthdays and I’ll tell you why.

Who gives a shit! Just make sure to invite me.

Make it big or make it small there is no difference because its what you do the rest of the year that is important. The only reason I don’t put together pinterest worthy birthday parties is that it’s not my interest, not because I think its wrong. I also don’t fret about it and neither should you.

I didn’t always have this point of view. I saw birthday parties with the big over done cakes and the princess entertainers and I thought people had lost their minds. A waste of money and the kid would not appreciate it. Then my mom died and a quote came into my life, “you never know when a moment becomes a memory”.

While none of my birthday parties growing up were over the top, especially when compared to some parties nowadays, I remember. I remember that my mom made sure I had a birthday party. I know that kids don’t need all the bells and whistles that have become a birthday party arms race but I wouldn’t hesitate to do it for my kids. This may not be the most mentally sound reason to go over the top but it could become that memory you want to hold on too.

I’m not saying go throw the most over the top birthday party because something might happen. What I am saying is that if that parent wants that moment as a memory why do you care. Make your memories your way and to each their own. We should only have good things to celebrate in life. Whatever that party is to you, do it.

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