No/Low cost Top rainy day places with Kids under 5

It has been a hard winter here in Portland Oregon. I am not unlike everyone else who is really for it to be over. You may think I am crazy since I moved from Tampa Florida to here but I do love it. So with all this rain I need a place to go with my kids to get some wiggles out but doesn’t cost too much.

  • Ikea – NE
    • We use to live much closer to here but I would still make the drive for a distraction. You can grab a snack and then go play in all the demos. Plus free coffee doesn’t hurt. They do offer childcare but most of us with kids under 5 won’t make the height requirement.
  • Mall – Washington Square Mall – Clackamas Town Center
    • They both have play area’s. You can walk, while staying dry and you can bring your own snacks.
  • Indoor pool – Portland Parks and Recreation Centers
    • This is a great low cost option if you have the energy. I love the zero entry pools for the littles and the convenient locker rooms. We’ve personally been to the East Portland Community Center and the Southwest Community Center. These are two great places with not too much different except location. There is also drop-in childcare if you want to take a dip alone.
  • Library
    • There is great programming happening at the Library’s in Portland. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you should head to the central library. It’s more of an adventure but worth the extra travel time. They have an amazing story time. I have a harder time with this as my 4 yr old seems to have outgrown story time but my two yr old loves it.
  • Encore Performing Arts Center – Beaverton
    • This is my secret place. It cost $3 per kid (cash). They have open play, M, Tu, Fri (please call to check before going), from 9 -2pm. This is the place I go when I’m too tired to chase. They have a bounce house for littles, mats everywhere, ropes to climb and swing, and more. It usually just my kids and me there and I like that it doesn’t get crazy.

I’m so glad that spring is here but we still get those rainy days. I hope this helps give you some other options.



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