Self Help

It has been a long year and I'm not even at the year anniversary of my mom's death. This winter hasn't been helping either. It has seems longer, darker, colder and harder than I ever remembered. I guess I thought that by now I would have my life back in some way and grief would... Continue Reading →


Best family tent, by far!

Coleman Octagon 98 - 2 Room Tent This is by far the best tent I have ever owned. We are a car camping family at this point in time with our 2 and 4 year old and I wouldn't do it with any other tent. The space inside is incredible, not only the width but... Continue Reading →

Forecast: Mostly Sunny

Last week I quit my job to return to being a stay at home mom. This decision didn't come lightly. While I have so much in my life that is good and extraordinary. Even the fact that I can spend time in my life writing a blog is amazing blessing. I have two  healthy kids,... Continue Reading →

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