Crossfit Fitness Challenge

For most of my life I have been in good shape and some of it I was in top notch shape but the last 5 year have been something of a black hole. Since I got pregnant with my first, I have not done much to really shake my body into its previous glory. I know that... Continue Reading →


In the trenches of motherhood

You can tell that spring is just around the corner when ants pop up everywhere in your house. We are under an invasion of epic proportions. Their presence made me think of a fact I read in one of my kids wildlife magazines. Did you know that the queen ant detaches her wings when she is ready to reproduce.... Continue Reading →

Shame and the blog

I've been working my way through Brene Browns book, "The Gifts of Imperfection". I'm definitely going to have to reread it after I finish. It's an easy read and has lots of good thought provoking information to delve into. It seems that everyone knows who Brene Brown is but me. She has been a TED... Continue Reading →

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